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Welcome to WinAPE32

Welcome to WinAPE, an Amstrad emulator for PCs running any 32-bit version of Windows.


  • Highly Accurate Emulation of all CPC models
  • One of the fastest CPC emulators for Windows
  • Built in Debugger and Assembler
  • Support for DSK/ESDK/ARC and DSC disc images
  • Automatic Version Control

This is one Amstrad CPC emulator you Windows users cannot afford to be without and with more features than any other CPC emulator for your PC and at NO COST You'd be mad to miss it.


2.0 Alpha 18
Posted by: Richard - Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011

Major sound and emulation improvements. Full-sized AVI writing. Debugger enhancements. A lot of other small fixes.


2.0 Alpha 17
Posted by: Richard - Friday, Sep 9, 2008

New PAL Emulation display modes, Rotate in graphics editor. Other minor enhancements and bug fixes.


2.0 Alpha 16
Posted by: Richard - Saturday, Aug 30, 2008

New floppy controller and drive emulation. CPC Symbol fonts. Stacks of minor enhancements and bug fixes.


2.0 Alpha 15
Posted by: Richard - Monday, Oct 29, 2007

Configuration Profiles, Improved Sprite emulation, assembler and debugger improvements. Stacks of minor enhancements and bug fixes. For those who downloaded this early and are getting Access Violations, please re-download the current release and extract the new executable.


2.0 Alpha 14
Posted by: Richard - Monday, Sep 17, 2007

FDC emulation enhancements, minor debugger enhancements, various bugfixes.


2.0 Alpha 13
Posted by: Richard - Wednesday, Aug 8, 2007

Assembler improvements, Amstrad Plus emulation improvements, Graphics editing and Session Recording just to name a few of the new features and fixes in the latest release.


2.0 Alpha 12
Posted by: Richard - Sunday, Feb 18, 2007

This release is mainly bug fixes for 2.0 Alpha 11. CPC Plus PPI emulation. CPC Plus Snaphsots.


2.0 Alpha 11
Posted by: Richard - Monday, Dec 11, 2006

Enhanced Tape file support, debugger and assembler improvements. Emulation enhancements and minor bug fixes.


2.0 Alpha 10
Posted by: Richard - Tuesday, Sep 19, 2006

Disc Editor, assembler and debugger improvements, YM and WAV file writing.


What's happened to WinAPE
Posted by: Richard - Wednesday, November 5, 2003

I've been very busy the last 9 months or so working on my latest project ( Hopefully, now that I've just about finished the site, I'll get some time to work on WinAPE and JEMU. Lots of plans for the near future.


New Site Design
Posted by: Richard - Sunday, February 9, 2003

WinAPE now has a brand new site design. I hope you all like the new site, developed by Malc Jennings (of CPC Zone). I personally think it is much nicer looking site now, and should be easier for me to maintain in the future.

Many thanks to Malc for all his hard work.


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