Some hints and Linux version available
CPCemu 1.7 for Linux is available now. I will not pack libSDL into the archive any longer, because it is installed by default by nearly all Linux Distributions.

Some words concerning the new keyboard features: The default layouts are defined in such a way that you just can start typing with your modern PC keyboard without thinking where the characters where on the CPC keyboard. This has some drawbacks when playing certain games, I assume. A first workaround could be to change to UK layout if you don't use it anyway. Please report if a 1:1 PC-key-to-CPC-key assignment would be useful for you.

Keyboard support improved
At last. I have managed to implement configurable keyboard layouts in CPCemu. I think this improvement has deserved a new version number: v1.7 is out now! The Windows setup program is available in the Downloads section. Take it as an early christmas gift if you like. The Linux version is ready, too, but still needs to get compressed. Should be there after the weekend!

But don't expect too much. Indeed, one has more freedom to configure the keyboard than in the DOS version. However, the different usage of SHIFT in different national layouts causes subtle problems sometimes. If you improve cpcemu.dat significantly, please share your changes with me!

One question to French users: How in the world did/do you reach "@" and "\" on a French CPC?

Bug Release
I have corrected two bugs in CPCemu (relating to directly starting a snapshot). Thanks go to Troels K for reporting them.

After updating to the latest version of the graphics library CPCemu might be (more?) Vista-compatible now. However, I don't know if it was incompatible to it before... I would be glad if somebody could give me a feedback.

The PowerPC and Alpha versions have not been updated yet. The Linux and WIN32 versions are available in the Download section as usual.

Another surprise: I'm looking into the keyboard code again. It looks strange to me after that long time. Nevertheless, I don't abandon hope for redefinable keyboard layouts.

Update to GCC4
GCC 4 is delivered in most of the latest Linux distributions. Some people have already asked for a corresponding version of CPCemu. It is available from the downloads section now.

I used GCC 4.0.2 for compiling. By doing so, I noticed a compiler bug in this version of GCC that kept CPCemu from working properly. This was very obvious, but time-consuming to identify. CPCemu is now running using a workaround. However, it is possible that there are other bugs due to the new GCC that I haven't discovered yet. Please report any bugs if you find any.

Unfortunately, there is still no foreign keyboard support. The reason for this is my son who has been with us for 6 months now. I still have hope to find time for doing the foreign keyboard support this year.

Update to GCC 3
As GCC has been available in version 3.x for a long time now I've finally managed to migrate CPCemu to it. Many people have asked for it because they had error messages relating to a wrong version of libstdc++. If you were concerned try the new version. It is available from the download page now.

In fact, the changes in source code have been lying about for several months now without the compiled file being published - sorry for this, folks!

The next changes to CPCemu will hopefully concern foreign keyboard layouts. I really hope this is going to happen within this year.

PowerPC and other bugs
The Linux/PowerPC version on the Download page was unfortunately not really functional. As stated out below, I wasn't able to test it, because both my RS/6000 gave me only a console login.

Meanwhile, I have finally installed a new graphics adapter which is recognized by Linux (and ignored by the firmware) and works with X11 in hicolour mode.

So I could test CPCemu and... oops, it started and the menus were working, but the emulation itself wasn't at all. After I had corrected this problem, there was another one: Most of the disk accesses resulted in a "read fail". This is fixed now, too.

By the way, a native AIX version of CPCemu has moved out of sight as I haven't been able to get a licence yet. IBM hasn't answered to my request so far. But you should be able to use the Linux binary as far as I know.

PowerPC supported now and some corrections
Although the Linux/PowerPC version of CPCemu has lain about here for some months now, it didn't make it to the web site. The reason was I couldn't test it, because my old RS/6000 won't give me an X. Now, I release it anyway. Other people do also use customers as involuntary alpha testers. So, why shouldn't I? Get it from the download page!

I've already got a new RS/6000, expecting it to work finally when the hard disk drive will be delivered. Then I'll be able to test CPCemu/PPC myself. If everything goes well, chances are good for a version of CPCemu for AIX, too.

Next, a few mistakes have been corrected. In the packages for the Alpha, there was an instance of the libSDL instead of a symbolic link. Besides, wrong values of the sizes of all packages were listed on the download page.

CPCemu 1.6 beta released
Finally, after a long time to wait, the day has come: The beta version 1.6 of CPCemu is available to the public from now on.

Versions for the following operating systems can be downloaded from here:
  • Linux (x86) (under which CPCemu 1.6 has been developed)
  • Linux (Alpha)
  • Microsoft Windows (Win32-x86) [Yes, there are versions for Non-x86.]
These operating systems will follow soon:
  • FreeBSD (x86)
  • Linux (PPC)
...and maybe some day in the future:
  • Windows CE
  • FreeBSD (Alpha)
Of course, the previous 1.5 for DOS is still available. And, you won't believe it, it has not lost any of its speed at all!